Whether you are a beginner or a professional angler, hiring a fly fishing guide is a sure way to ensure a truly special fishing trip. At Fish Habit Outfitters, we specialize in guided fly fishing trips. Our experienced team of guides have hand-selected destinations, perfected the art of fly fishing and strive to introduce our guest to some of the best fly fishing in California.

Read on to learn about a few of the benefits of hiring a fishing guide.

Expert Advice

One of the great things about fishing with a guide is that you’ll surely pick up on some valuable pointers. The guides at Fish Habit Outfitters, for example, have been training guides in leading trips and fishing guests for years and their expertise reflects this. Guides are ambassadors to our sport and can help teach or elevate any angler to the next level. Fishing with a guide often advances your learning curve years in advance as you’ll learn many skills while out on the water such as, fly casting technique and line control, line mending and drifting, reading water, entomology and river etiquette.

The Best Location

There’s an old saying that “a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.” This may be true, but sometimes finding the perfect place to relax and fish can be stressful. Guides eliminate the stress of finding the perfect fishing location as they’re already fishing the water that is producing the best opportunities for putting guests on fish. Generally they’re also fishing several rivers within your fishing time frame, giving guests several different fishing scenarios and fishing conditions to choose from. 

Additionally, because guides have been fishing and going through the areas regularly, they know all about the surrounding nature and wildlife and can point out any notable sights or interesting information such as landmarks or historical interests.

Top-notch Gear

Staying up to date on all the latest and greatest fly fishing gear can be hard—and expensive. When you go fishing with a guide, like the guides at Fish Habit Outfitters, we provide you with state of the art rod, reel, line, tackle and flies. Our guides tailor your gear setup to match your fishing goals and days activities. For example, if you want to catch rainbow trout, we’ll supply you with the gear that will improve your chances to just this.  


Boat Access

If you don’t own a private boat, hiring a guide will give you the opportunity to fish from a boat. Having access to a boat is the perfect way to reach some of the best fishing spots. At Fish Habit Outfitters, we have the appropriate boats, boat guides and experienced captains that can accommodate your needs.  

Great Camaraderie

Last, but certainly not least, when you hire a guide, you get to enjoy the company of someone who is not only a fishing expert, but also someone who is comfortable leading trips, having fun, sharing stories, and ultimately enjoying each other’s company.   

A good fishing guide has mastered the art of fly fishing, knows where to find the fish, and knows how to foster a fun and relaxing environment. At Fish Habit Outfitters, our guides offer this and more. We offer fully guided trips with gear, food, boats and some of the best fly fishing in Northern California. Learn more about our fly fishing packages!