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We’re the premier fly fishing outfitter for the Sacramento Valley. Our fishing guides are experts in their fields, covering waters such as the American, Yuba and Feather Rivers, California Delta, and Putah Creek. Our fishing charters also cover a vast number of waters within Northern California including the Lower and Upper Sacramento, and Trinity and Klamath Rivers.

How far do our California fishing roots go? Both of Fish Habit Outfitter’s founders are California nativesin fact, Phil White grew up fishing the American River and exploring its drainage as a kid alongside his father. Joe Vasquez is no stranger to the water either. He has been guiding Northern California waters since the mid-1980s, which is apparent in his vast knowledge of each waterway. Several other fishing guides and team members also call themselves Sacramento natives and have decades of stories and experiences to share. You can feel safe knowing that a majority of our team is from California and have grown up fishing the waters they now frequent daily; there’s a lifetime of experience here, and it shows in the charter fishing trips our guides lead.

Our FishFHO Team fishing guides have been handselected and know what it takes to go the distance and facilitate phenomenal expert and beginner fly fishing trips. As team leaders themselves, our fishing guides are often used as consultants in various team building activities to create and foster the team spirit within other organizations. Professionalism, on and off the river etiquette, determination, and the understanding that a team can only succeed when working together has made Fish Habit Outfitter’s an industry leader in providing guided fishing trips and services for both the novice fisherman and the seasoned vet.

“These guys have been perfecting guiding for years. The Fish Habit team continues to deliver the best in professionalism, expertise and experience.” – Vince B.

As models in the guided-fly-fishing industry, the Fish Habit team’s practices have been modeled and adopted by other fishing guides within the industry. Spending a day on the water with us is sure to change the way you fish forever. Every one of our team members is a highly trained and skilled professional who has years of practice in their craft. When fishing with the Fish Habit team, you can expect to learn. Our team members are not just casting instructors, but professors of fly fishing who are there to offer fly fishing instructions and help with whatever you’re seeking. As ambassadors to our lifestyle, the sport, and conservation, all Fish Habit Outfitter’s team members practice catch and release fishing, which ensures that fishing will continue for generations to come. Our guides also share a common belief in “no impact”, and we leave nothing behind.

California is an amazing state. It’s a traveler’s paradise, a thrill seeker’s back door, and a fisherman’s playground. It’s a diverse state, offering a tremendous amount of fishing vacation opportunities and countless options to chase fish every season of the year. With years of experience working with guests in the outdoors, we have perfected the way relationships are made and what personable really means. What can we say? Our fishing guides have been setting the bar for how outfitters do business since 2014.

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Lower American River

Running through the heart of Sacramento, this tailwater fishery is an angler’s dream with its long runs, deep holes, shallow riffles, and extensive holding pools. The lower American can be fished year ‘round. And depending on the season, our fishing trips can target shad, striped bass, Chinook salmon, and steelhead. There’s also a good population of “half-pounders” and resident rainbows. Fishing aside, a float trip down the Lower American can also serve as a great wildlife viewing day. Present along the river are deer, coyotes, turkeys, bald eagles, beavers, otters, turtles, and a plethora of water fowl.

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Lower Yuba River

Situated just outside of Marysville, California. This tailwater fishery is really a tale of two rivers – above Daguerre Dam and below Daguerre Dam. The lower Yuba features long runs, great riffles, deep holes, and fish filled flats. Downstream of the dam, you may encounter rainbows, smallmouth bass and striped bass. However, it’s the spirited shad that draws our attention in this section of the river. Above the dam, where we put in most of our time, the river receives an annual run of Chinook salmon and steelhead. But it’s the wild, resident rainbows that will put a bend in your rod and a smile on your face. These acrobatic aerialists are readily available every month of the year, making for an ideal fishing vacation. Did we mention the dry fly action here?

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Lower Sacramento River

Considered to be the best Wild Trout River on the west coast, the Lower Sacramento Rivers flows are dam controlled, pulling water from the bottom of Shasta Lake. This keeps water temperatures at a constant 56 degrees, which is ideal for trout year round. Its upper reaches run through the heart of downtown Redding and meander through residential backyards. The lower stretches slip into a western type feeling as cows, turkeys, deer, and waterfowl make their way up and down the Lower Sacramento River banks. Our fishing guides typically cover 6 – 20+ miles of river a day from drift boat with over a 100 miles of drift and fishable water to choose from. Our guided fishing trips can be tailored to float down any stretch of the river, from downtown Redding to Corning.

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Trinity River

The Trinity River is a diverse drainage spanning hundreds of miles through two reservoirs, which were created in the 1960s. Its headwaters begin in the high country of the Salmon-Trinity Alps Wilderness area, not only does this contain many miles of pristine trout streams, but it also is home to 53 high-mountain lakes. These waters then make their way down into Trinity Lake, which has a water surface area of over 20 miles making it the 3rd largest reservoir in California. Trinity Lake is famous for producing California’s state record smallmouth bass. It also has large and healthy populations of rainbow trout and Kokanee salmon, making it one of the prime spots for fly fishing in Northern California.

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California Delta

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a vast maze of rivers, sloughs, and backwaters encompassing over 1,200 miles of shoreline. All of the Western slope rivers in California eventually flow from the Sierras, through the valley and eventually gather to form this huge estuary. This is the highway that all the anadromous fish use to enter our valley rivers, navigating their way through this estuary for their annual return to feeding and spawning grounds. These include Chinook “King” salmon, steelhead, striped bass, and shad. These species, along with resident large and smallmouth bass, are the ones that are the focus of most of our fishing charters.

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