1. 4 Fly Fishing Tips

    While there is a definite art to fly fishing, the basics are quite simple—knowing the right type of fly to use, casting smoothly and accurately, presenting the fly in an enticing way, and knowing ho…Read More

  2. Trinity River Fly Fishing Guide

    Spanning hundreds of miles and through multiple reservoirs, the Trinity River is one of the most pristine and diverse rivers on the west coast. It’s not only a beautiful place to fish, but it is als…Read More

  3. Lower American River Fishing Guide

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  4. Lower Yuba River Fishing Guide

    Starting at the dam at Englebright Lake, the Lower Yuba River is the combined flows of the North, Middle, and South Yuba Rivers. From Englebright Lake, the Lower Yuba River flows 20 miles to the Feath…Read More

  5. Lower Sacramento River Fishing Guide

    Located just below the Shasta Dam, the Lower Sacramento River or the “Lower Sac” is considered to be one of the best wild trout rivers on the entire West Coast. It’s famous for its abundance of …Read More

  6. Benefits of Guided Fly Fishing Tours

    Whether you are a beginner or a professional angler, hiring a fly fishing guide is a sure way to ensure a truly special fishing trip. At Fish Habit Outfitters, we specialize in guided fly fishing trip…Read More